Sunday, 27 December 2020

1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend

Wanting some anniversary surprise gift ideas for your girlfriend? Here are some free ways to surprise your girlfriend, or ideas that don't cost much! These make perfect romantic surprise ideas that your girlfriend will love!

What surprise can I give my girlfriend?

The cutest surprises are themed surprises! Choose a theme - maybe your girlfriend's favourite tv series, her favourite Pokemon or Disney character, or even favourite biscuit! Think of what comes to mind when you think of your girlfriend - and base the surprise around it! Themed gifts like a personalised cake, a themed lunch or special personalised jacket with iron on patches all make great surprise gifts for your girlfriend's birthday.

Monday, 21 December 2020

Gifts for knitters, surprise gifts for knitting lovers!

How to surprise someone who loves to knit, here are gifts for someone who loves knitting, from audio books, hand pamper gifts, a mannequin, quirky yarn, audio books, personalised knitting needles, to knitting day classes, there are tons knitting lover gifts to give!

What is a good gift for a knitter?

1. It's all about the presentation - why not knit your gift up! You could create a knitted layer on top of the wrapped up paper layer, or even create a little knitted drawstring bag for your gift to sit in! 

Saturday, 19 December 2020

Surprise gifts for farmers

For farmer gift ideas try practical gifts like gloves, a unique scarf - but personalise them to make them extra special and unique. Try a gift from their pets, or gifting an ancient farming game or tradition, or a care package to treat them to some much needed relaxation after the hard work they put in all year round!

What is a good gift for a farmer?

Organization gifts make perfect gifts for the farmer, think memo boards, a personalised calendar, storage for small items, quirky and funny stationery that is both super practical and special and thoughtful at the same time! 

What do you get a farmer for his birthday?

Why not create a surprise birthday event that your farmer will enjoy - a sunny picnic spread with all homemade produce, or a banquet of locally sourced food and bakes. You could even host it in a secret location and create treasure hunt clues leading there!

1. Food subscription box - the best gift for a foodie or for someone permanently hungry being out working all day. It's a gift that keeps on giving as they get to receive a brand new box every month and the contents are a complete surprise!

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Man Cave Gifts, Surprise Gifts for Men

 Some great homeware gifts for men are chalk/memo boards, neon signs, stationery and notebooks, storage boxes, funny or themed cooking utensils, a man cave sign, wall hangings or a cup/can holder!   These make amazing man cave gifts for the man in your life, perfect for the gaming cave ahem office. 

These make great surprise gifts for gamers too, which leads us to the ultimate question:

What should every man cave have?

1. A funny or romantic framed photoshopped picture - that you can frame on his wall! Use PicMonkey or Photoshop, they both work perfectly for this, and create a hilarious and romantic montage of all his favourite things, favourite people and pets, favourite characters... you can have so much fun with this, you could work in funny memes and inside jokes, so it is bound to make him chuckle and smile everytime he looks at it. This is such a special and funny gift he will love and treasure always!

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Gifts for 30 year old man

 Here are some surprise gifts for your 30 year old man, 30th birthday gift ideas for men. Whether you're thinking of surprising your man with breakfast in bed or are planning a surprise party for your man, these will make awesome 30th birthday gift ideas for him to give him the best birthday surprise!

Do guys like thoughtful gifts?

Do guys like getting gifts? Definitely! Thoughtful gifts can be the cutest, a reflection of how he makes you feel and a special way to show appreciation for him. A great thoughtful gift idea is to find and gift him a fragrance that smells like your first date together. Why not wrap them with ribbons tied in to bows and spritz his card with your perfume, so it smells like you!

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Gifts for women in their 30's

Surprise gifts for women in their 30's - here's how to surprise a woman in her 30's, how to surprise your best friend, your girlfriend, your daughter - unique gifts that women in their 30's will love!

What do you get a woman in her 30's?

1. Buy her flowers! This will make such a special gift, whether you want to surprise your girlfriend, surprise your adult daughter or surprise your best friend. A gorgeous bouquet of flowers will never not be loved - you could even carefully select the kinds of flowers based on their special meanings in order to send a secret message to your loved one!

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Yellow rose meaning, Flower Message gifts

The meaning behind the different colors or colours of roses is fascinating when choosing a gift! Roses are the perfect way to surprise someone. Yellow roses are a perfect floral gift to send to someone needing a little pick me up, or to someone you haven't heard from in a while. When the sun hits the petals, the whole room will be bathed in a warm, happy glow. They are sure to increase happiness, as like the sun they convey warmth and gladness.

Friday, 20 November 2020

Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

How to surprise the woman who wants nothing for her birthday - or what to give the woman who has everything! It can be hard to gift someone who has everything already - or who has no wish to receive anything new, whether that is because they are more of a minimalist, or because they are insistent they'd rather you save your pennies instead. Here are some ways to get around that and show how much you appreciate them, gifts for the woman who wants nothing!

What to buy the person who wants nothing?

1. Unusual foods never tried before - give her the experience of trying something new! You could order a box of food, snacks and dishes from a different culture - all kinds of candy and snacks in fun and unusual flavours you have never tried, or bizarre food flavour combinations. It's such a fun gift idea that is an experience in itself and will result in a lot of laughter and funny memories!

Saturday, 31 October 2020

Surprise party at home ideas

Some of the best surprise party ideas involve getting everyone involved and in on the celebration, such as dressing up your guests, dressing up your pets, holding a pancake party, or decorating a space like your recipient's favourite place - even gifting everyone a mystery box, full of fun things. Here is how to throw a surprise party, decorations ideas and some really fun ideas for the best surprise birthday party!  

How do you plan a surprise party at home?

There are so many fun ideas to try, from food tasting games, to mystery boxes to open, recreating childhood traditions, to recreating a special place in your own home - there are so many ideas for a fun birthday party at home!

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Surprise pregnancy announcement ideas

Here are tons of pregnancy reveal ideas, creative pregnancy announcement ideas you've never heard before! Read on for the best ways to surprise your parents with a pregnancy, or tell your parents, kids, family and loved ones you're pregnant! 

How can I announce my pregnancy surprise?

Think of what your recipient likes, for example Pokemon, you could design two adult Pokemon with a tiny unevolved baby Pokemon underneath! If you recipient likes chocolate, you could design two different chocolate bars with a mini chocolate square in the middle as a hint! You can do this for almost anything the recipient is in to, it makes the best surprise as it is personalised to the recipient at the same time! You could even present it as a pop out card for extra impact.

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

How to surprise your sister

Ways to surprise your sister on her birthday - or 'just because'! These surprise ideas make perfect birthday celebration ideas for your sister, lots of unique birthday gifts for your sister and birthday celebration ideas!

How can I surprise my sister?

Prank gifts are the answer! This is where you prank your sister, with a gift she's sure to love! You could wrap a funny item up to 'give' her as a present - for example, a spoon! - and watch her reaction before you gift her the real present, or you could leave her gift somewhere she won't expect to find it, like inside her favourite tub of ice cream in the freezer, if your gift will keep well in there!

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Birthday surprise ideas for daughter

Ideas for the best birthday surprise gift for your daughter could be a special outfit to dress up in on her special day, if she is young, or a bouquet of fresh flowers with some elegant mocktails if she is older! Here's how to surprise your daughter on her birthday - whether it's her 18th birthday, her 14th birthday or 21st birthday, here are some unforgettable surprise ideas she's bound to love!

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How can I celebrate my daughter's birthday?

 Early morning birthday surprise ideas include pancakes or waffles, with all the toppings, keeping to a theme like her favourite gaming franchise, her favourite Disney princess, her favourite toy ie a Barbie birthday theme, or even her favourite colour! You could order her a giant cookie through the post, buy her flowers, fill a room full of balloons or order huge number balloons for her to have a photo with, surprise her with a surprise birthday trip... there are so many fun ideas for all ages!  

Thursday, 15 October 2020

How to surprise someone with a trip

 Whether that's a surprise trip reveal for your boyfriend, your family, your grandparents, here are a ton of ideas for any surprise trip announcement you could want to make, from how to surprise someone with a trip to New York to surprising someone with a trip to Ireland!

How do you reveal a trip as a gift?

Decorate a whole room to look like the place you are going! This is such a fun idea, will make the best surprise for your loved ones and make everyone excited! You could make a room moodboard of all the ideas you want to include - paper palm trees, leaf garlands, tropical fruits and even mocktails - it will be the best teaser to the best surprise trip ever!

Saturday, 10 October 2020

Cheap ways to surprise your girlfriend

Wanting some cheap surprise ideas for your girlfriend? Here are some free ways to surprise your girlfriend, or ideas that don't cost much! These make perfect 'just because' surprise ideas and romantic surprise ideas that your girlfriend will love!

What surprise can I give my girlfriend?

The cutest surprises are themed surprises! Choose a theme - maybe your girlfriend's favourite tv series, her favourite Pokemon or Disney character, or even favourite biscuit! Think of what comes to mind when you think of your girlfriend - and base the surprise around it! Themed gifts like a personalised cake, a themed lunch or special personalised jacket with iron on patches all make great surprise gifts for your girlfriend's birthday.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Should I surprise my girlfriend at work?

Should I surprise my girlfriend at work? 

Yes - discreetly! Be sure she will appreciate the sentiment beforehand and aim to catch her on her lunch break or at a less busy time. There are so many fun ways to do this - dress up or wear a disguise, discreetly slip her a gift or letter to increase anticipation around the surprise, present it with a romantic ribbon or cute wax seal, or even ask a colleague of hers who you trust to pop a cute surprise in her bag - it could be her favourite sweets or snacks, tied with a bow! One of the best romantic surprises for your girlfriend.

Monday, 5 October 2020

Creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

Creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

Here are some birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend, how to surprise your boyfriend and some really cute, fun and creative birthday surprise ideas for him!

Also check out these adorable 'just because' boyfriend surprises and long distance boyfriend surprise gift ideas, plus where to take your boyfriend on his birthday!

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How can I surprise my boyfriend for his birthday? 

Creative birthday surprise ideas include making a special themed meal for him - get a themed cookie cutter for cheap and make character sandwiches and cookies - recreating old childhood traditions from birthdays, making him cute personalised presents and even dressing up as part of a themed surprise!

Saturday, 26 September 2020

How to surprise your boyfriend, long distance

How to surprise your boyfriend surprise gift ideas

 How to surprise your long distance boyfriend, from sending a long distance relationship care package, to sending him cute formal letters and doodles tied with ribbons, to signing him up to a subscription box he'll love, to setting up a surprise movie night, here are some long distance relationship ideas for him and sweet things to do in a long distance relationship! Here is how to surprise your boyfriend online!

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How to surprise your long distance boyfriend with a visit

You could wear a disguise (this is great if he knows you're coming!), arrive with an impressive takeaway for the both of you, bring over some special foods and merch that is exclusive to your area, or ask mutual friends to help you hide and surprise him - just be sure not to scare him or freak him out!

How to surprise your long distance boyfriend on his birthday

Photoshop something funny and adorable and get it printed as a huge card or piece of wall art for him to frame and keep! You could use inside jokes between you as inspiration and photoshop any pets in, or friends you have in common. You could even put together a collage of your future together, so your boyfriend can frame it and feel excited about your future together. Making something yourself is one of the best ways to surprise your long distance boyfriend - it's special, personal and holds sentimental value and is something he'll always want to keep!

Cutest Mixtape USB to make him a playlist (the coolest!) 👈🏻

Perfect Match chocolate matches 👈🏻

'Postman told me to get out the postbox' funny card 👈🏻

Cheapest personalised socks 👈🏻

Box of pub snacks for him (the pub experience in a box!) 👈🏻

Best letterbox message cookie ever, ever! (so affordable!) 👈🏻

Pocket hug token for him to keep 👈🏻

Best Boyfriend Ever adorable badge 👈🏻

1. Make him a long distance care package - ideas could include a themed box pertaining to his favourite pokemon or tv series, you could fill it with cute things like a special character cookie, character keyrings, even a piece of clothing or accessory like a hat, that you adorned and personalised with iron on patches. Themed sweets, themed or personalised socks and a themed mug are also cute and thoughtful ideas and make the most special romantic care package ideas for your boyfriend!

PS Why not send him an adorable personalised colouring page of you and him, plus these hilarious offensive crayons he won't be able to get over!

2. Long distance relationship blanket - one of the best long distance relationship gifts diy ideas! 

3. Make use of inside jokes - and interpret them as creatively as you can to create a super special surprise. You could get crafty and recreate funny things you encountered on your dates, there are so many creative options to explore.

4. Write a romantic letter and include physical pictures - reenact the romantic tradition of sending old fashioned letters   you could even seal it with wax and your own seal! Spray perfume on your letters like Marty in Grease, to make them irresistable.

5. Send him little mementos of you - one of your t shirts or dresses, a little vial of your perfume, kiss a napkin wearing lipstick so he has the imprint of your kiss, a piece of jewellery you wear, a bobble you used, a pair of your socks.

6. Turn up randomly when/where he's not expecting you - be sure it is in the day and not at night. A great example is to randomly stumble in to him in a cafe, out shopping, or a similar public place. Be sure your boyfriend will appreciate the surprise! You could hint to him that you are going shopping that day, but not specify that you will be at the same shopping centre as him.

7. Each of you go to the beach and find a pebble that looks like each others eyes.

8. Send five photos a day - it can be of anything, to tell each other what your day is like.

9. Send a gift every day - so they will receive a treat every day for a week. They don't have to be big gifts, you can even send a letter every day - the fun is receiving something new every day! An amazing and adorable idea is to gift him some 'open when' letters, tons of ideas are here!

10. Send a box of photos - photos of you that you have never put on social media or that no one else has ever seen, photos from times of you together, or special moments you wanted to share. Pictures in physical form, that you can hold, are extra special keepsakes as they are a rarity these days.  

11. Send a disguised message - or a coded message, for him to figure out!

12. Set up a surprise movie night - buy his favourite box set on Amazon - or some films for you both to watch and send an assortment of popcorn and cute snacks through the post, with a letter announcing the movie night. One of the cutest long distance date ideas or long distance relationship activities!

13. Send a small gift in disguise - disguise it as a much bigger gift with multiple layers of packaging, so that when your boyfriend unwraps each layer, there is another layer underneath! He will never be able to guess what you sent him. 

14. Order him a box of unusual foods - or foods from a different culture, edibles he has never tried before! This is such a fun gift idea and you could even order identical foods for both of you to try at the same time and compare via Facetime or Skype. A great way to keep things interesting in a long distance relationship is to try new things - from new activities to brand new foods!

15. Sign him up to a subscription box - he will love, or something he's never tried before! Be sure he'll know it's from you though, there is often an option to leave a note or cute message.

16. Make a special relationship album - of your times together. Glue in little mementos of your dates, such as travel tickets, tissues you used to mop up ice cream, fill it with drawings and doodles, little bits and bobs you bought in shops together, things you bought each other and cute photos of you two together. You can send it to each other in the mail or the post, to each fill in a page for the other.

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Thursday, 24 September 2020

How to surprise your wife

How to surprise your wife surprise gift ideas

Here's how to surprise your wife on a budget - it can be the small, every day things that mean the most! Make your better half a special themed lunch, hide little gifts and surprises around the house, dress the house up all nice, frame a beautiful photo of her - these are all great wife surprise ideas that will make your wife feel special!

Also check out these cheap girlfriend surprise gift ideas, gifts for women in their 30s and gifts for the woman who wants nothing!

How do I make my wife feel special?

Take photos of her, make her your homescreen on your phone, keep her picture close to you. It's such a romantic gesture and she'll be sure to feel extra special. When you go on a date, snap some beautiful photos of her, put a flower in her hair and tell her how lovely she looks. 

How can I surprise my wife with a gift?

Go all out on beautiful wrapping and presentation, make it extra luxurious. It will make your wife feel extra special and show her how much love and thought went in to choosing the gift for her. 

What romantic things can I do for my wife?

Show her how well you know her with lovely little surprises, offering to treat her to items she admires, buying her favourite ice cream, ordering her flowers when she's not expecting it, making her a lovely lunch, recreating special moments from your dates, attaching a cute keyring to her keys, fetching her strawberries.

How do I spoil my wife?

Take her out on a mystery date - a day date can be the most romantic! Take her to the museum, to cafes and restaurants you've never been to before, recreate the cute formalities of dates you used to go on earlier in your relationship, hold her hand on a stroll to the park, buy her an ice cream! Treat her to all of life's little pleasures.

How to surprise your wife in lockdown 

 Be creative and unexpected by hiding her favourite sweets all around the house! You could even hide cute and romantic doodles or little gifts, or makeover a room in the house for her. You could also order flowers from a 'secret admirer', one of the best ways to surprise your wife on her birthday during lockdown! It can be difficult to think of ways to surprise your loved one when you see them all the time - or when you are not allowed to see them - the key is to get creative and think out of the box!

1. Make the bed - as simple as it sounds, this is such a romantic gesture. For extra points, choose a brand new duvet set, a couple of extra firm pillows and throw and deck out the bed like a hotel!

2. Next time on her birthday/Christmas - don't ask what she'd like this time but go out on a limb and surprise her yourself! Be totally unexpected in your choice of gift, a great tip is to listen carefully and be observant of what she most often browses online.

3. Paint her portrait - or take a beautiful picture of her and frame it in your living room. She will feel so flattered and it will be sure to make her smile, how to surprise your wife on your anniversary 101!

4. Give her a surprise hot water bottle - when the weather is cooler

5. Play with and braid her hair - if your wife enjoys this sensation. It can be so relaxing and soothing.

6. Make use of gift wrapping - a gorgeously wrapped gift will go so far, one of the best ways to surprise your wife on her birthday!

7. Write a funny poem - this will mean so much and you will bond over laughing about it together! This would make such a special gift requiring no cost, and one she'll be inclined to keep that will never get old!

8. Photoshop a funny image and frame it - without her noticing! You could work in lots of photos from cute memories - feature a pet that you both love - and work in inside jokes to make it extra special.

9. Put your jacket on her - or bundle her up in your scarf to keep warm, cute nice things to do for your wife to bring back memories of previous dates.

10. Do the ironing - this is such a helpful and romantic chore to take on to surprise your wife, so she will have extra time to relax.

11. Hide her favourite sweets all around the house - so she will come across them spontaneously! For an extra romantic touch, tie a bow around each one to make the surprise extra special.

12. Make her a special themed lunch - with her favourite foods, arrange them in a cute way, to spell out cute messages or adhere to a special theme, such as a franchise or tv series she loves! There are so many ways to make it funny too - take a picture of the finished result for you both to always remember.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

How do I give a surprise gift?

How to surprise someone with a gift, ideas such as disguising your present, writing clues for a surprise treaure hunt, hiding the gift in plain sight and adding hidden surprises to your gift are some creative ways to give a gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your loved one - creative ways to surprise someone on their birthday or 'just because'!

1. Disguise the gift - disguise the shape of the gift to keep them guessing! You could even encase the gift in multiple layers of cardboard boxes to make a small gift look huge or a completely different size - your recepient will never be able to guess! Using lots and lots of different layers of paper and tissue paper - make them recyclable where possible! - will provide additional interest and entertainment as it will keep your recepient busy for ages, while they try to work out what you have gifted them! This is one of the best creative ways to wrap car keys or creative ways to give gift cards for a birthday - just be careful to pop any breakables or anything that could get ripped by accident - like money, gift cards or concert tickets - in a special protective coating like a protective wallet.

2. Gift riddles - a great way to build anticipation around giving a gift and making the whole occasion so much more fun and memorable! You could devise a special riddle for your loved one to figure out. This is a great way to give hints about a gift, while increasing the anticipation and excitement around the whole exchange. For creative surprise riddles ideas, look to inside jokes between you and your loved one to make it extra special! 

3. How to give clues to a surprise - you could use inside jokes to think of clues, so only your loved one will be able to figure out what they mean. 

4. Treasure hunt - one of the best hiding gift ideas! Simply hide a trail of clues all around the room or house, each leading on to the next one! You could make them rhyme or make them extra personal. Whether you're trying to think of ideas hidden birthday gift clues or are hiding Christmas presents clues for the kids, this activity makes giving a gift extra fun!

5. What to say when presenting a gift - presenting a gift speech can make your gift extra special and memorable! Ideas can include a poem, a riddle, a song or even a rap! It gives the gift extra sentimental value as it will always remind your loved one of the poem, song or speech you wrote for them. It makes your gift extra special. You could even have it stand in place of a non physical gift - a surprise trip reveal poem, or you could write a poem for a gift that hasn't arrived yet!

6. Little things to add to a gift - you could wrap the gift in multiple layers of paper and sneak in little extras for added enjoyment. These can be the recepient's favourite sweets, joke gifts to prank your recepient or even funny doodles!

7. Gifts with hidden surprises - one gift could contain another gift, such as a box of chocolates containing a piece of jewellery in its case hidden inside. As a funny twist you could even make miniature versions of the gift getting smaller and smaller as it is unravelled - inside the jewellery case there could be a tinier box of chocolates, which contains an even tinier jewellery case - like a russian doll set! You could use Fimo or solid drying modelling clay for this.

8. Pretend that you forgot - and then surprise them with your gift! Be apologetic and super convincing here - the better you convince your recepient, the more surprised they will be.

9. Balloon notes - one of the most unique ways to give a gift! Write or stick a clue or letter to each balloon, fill the whole room with them and then your loved one will have to arrange them to figure out the message leading to the surprise gift! This is a great idea for a surprise trip reveal.

10. Put it in an every day place - they won't expect to find it! Then wait for them to discover it. This could be in the bathroom, in front of the tv, inside their desk drawer... so many every day, unexpected places!

11. A gift in disguise - like a trojan horse, the main gift can be contained inside something ordinary, or less exciting to the recepient, such as a plain pair of socks, a cereal box or packet of crisps and you can claim you 'didn't know what to get them'! Your recepient will be even more surprised and excited on finding your real gift inside, just be sure it is easily visible once your loved one looks inside, so that they don't throw it away by accident. You could selotape it to a packet of crisps/the cereal packet so it doesn't get thrown out by mistake. 

12. Ask if a waiter or member of staff can present the gift - if you are in a restaurant setting this can be so exciting and special. Be sure your loved one will appreciate the sentiment before you arrange this, that it won't make them feel uncomfortable!  

13. Gift them a surprise Santa sack of gifts - one of the most fun ways to present Christmas gifts, to make your loved one feel like a child again! 

14. Decorate the room! To give the occasion more of a party atmosphere - or to make it feel like your recepient's favourite place/places. You could get really crafty with this - it would be a perfect way to surprise your loved one or loved ones with a surprise trip as you could transform the room to look just like the place of the trip you are surprising them with.

15. Wrap it in a unique and special way - make the wrapping beautiful and unique, so your recepient won't want to throw it away! They might even want to keep a piece of your beautiful wrapping to remember the gift by - or take a picture of it first before they open it, to be able to treasure it always! A beautifully or uniquely wrapped gift can dramatically increase anticipation about the gift itself. A great tip is to personalise the wrapping, order wrapping paper with their name, face or favourite pet on it - or even make your own! 

How to give a gift that hasn't arrived

Give your gift by printing a photo of the item and popping it in place of the belated gift. Your loved one will still get a surprise and can look forward to receiving the gift when it arrives. You could even photoshop together a funny image of your loved one receiving the gift and get really creative with this! These are all fun ways to surprise someone, to show extra thought and love when giving a gift that is late to arrive. I hope you liked these gift surprise ideas, unique ways to give someone a gift!

If you liked these ideas definitely check out these belated birthday gift ideas for him and her, how to surprise your pet with a party and best fishing gift ideas for fishermen!

Friday, 28 August 2020

How to surprise your boyfriend

Here are some fun surprises for your boyfriend, romantic surprise gifts for him and gift ideas he'll love. This is perfect for you if you're looking for some cute boyfriend surprises, some unique and creative gift ideas for a boyfriend or crush. It can be hard to keep thinking up fun surprises for boyfriend ideas so here is a helping hand, even if you want to know how to surprise my boyfriend for no reason - these make great 'just because I love you' gifts! - or valentines day ideas for boyfriend - PS check out these romantic ways to welcome your husband home and best five senses gift ideas for him!

 How can I surprise my boyfriend with little things?

1. Get something special or quirky delivered to his house - but don't leave a note. He'll wonder who left such a quirky gift!

2. Put cute stickers on his hat or keys - ones that peel off if you need them too! This is a cute little token of appreciation that will be well received - as long as the stickers come off clean and don't leave any residue!

3. Hide his favourite snack under the cushions - super convenient and thoughtful.

4. Buy him his favourite ice cream - but don't tell him! Leave a cute post it note on top of it in the freezer. 

5. Prank him with his favourite movie - get a disk of a movie you both want to see together, but put it in a rom com movie case, or one belonging to any girly film. Persuade him to watch the rom com/girly film with you and then surprise him with the film he wants to see! He'll open the case and do a second take.

How do I surprise my boyfriend on a budget?

6. Surprise your boyfriend in person - if you live apart or have a long distance relationship, surprise him by turning up at his door!

7. Make use of inside jokes - and interpret them as creatively as you can to create a super special surprise. You could get crafty and recreate funny things you encountered on your dates, there are so many creative options to explore.

8. Write him a funny poem - even try to make it rhyme, as this means it will turn out extra funny! You'll also have a cute keepsake to keep afterwards that both of you will treasure for sentimental reasons. You can look back at it in years to come and have a laugh! A poem is such a special gift that will make your boyfriend so happy.

9. Do some cute drawings and funny joke doodles - on paper and fold them up to put them in his bag! You could even curl the paper up and tie it with ribbon to be extra romantic. He'll definitely notice there is a little something extra in his bag.

10. Tie ribbons around things in his bag - like his water bottle, any snacks he has in there, hair gel, toothbrush etc. It's such a cute idea and he'll be reminded of you and your little fairy hands. 

How can I make something special for my boyfriend? 

11. Surprise him with a really quirky meal - or a quirky buffet spread, with the weirdest treats like fries and jam or jelly snakes together with tomato ketchup. You'll make some cute memories and have such a laugh trying all the weird foods together! You could even set up a dare contest between you!

12. When you give him a gift, wrap it in layers and layers of packaging - and boxes (make sure they can be recycled!) to make it look like the present is huge! He will have to work his way through each layer, the gift getting smaller and smaller all the while!

13. Put something cute in his pockets - so he'll get a cute surprise the next time he reaches in his pocket for something!

14. Bake him something cute - maybe even invent a brand new flavour! You could be playful and add some sherbet sweets, rainbow sprinkles or flying saucers on top. 

What surprises do guys like? 

Great surprise ideas for guys are often funny surprise ideas! Cute and loving pranks can produce hilarity that will charm the way to his heart. There are so many ways to go about how to make him laugh, photoshop together a funny picture and frame it and see if he notices! 

What can I surprise my boyfriend with? 

For physical gifts you could try concert tickets, funny socks or FOOD! Food makes a great gift every time. Try to find the most unusual kinds of food for him to try, you could even try them together and watch hilarity ensue. Try to find unique foods from different cultures you have never tried before. To up the game, choose extra sour and spicy hot flavours!   

How can I surprise my boyfriend on our anniversary? 

Take him on a mystery trip, where he's not allowed to know where you're going. This could be a cute milkshake date or a place to watch the stars or the cinema... the list is endless! The element of surprise enhances your cute date idea - you could even blindfold him if you know him well!

Another incredibly romantic anniversary surprise is to buy him a plain jacket, bag, slippers or hat, anything that is customisable - and then sew on or iron on those cute patches you can find on Etsy to totally customise the item - there are so many patches to choose from, from his favourite anime to favourite tv series or film. You could even add some pins on there as well! This would make the cutest anniversary surprise idea and the garment you make for him will be totally unique and special!

Saturday, 22 August 2020

How to surprise your husband

How to surprise your husband surprise gift ideas

What can I do to surprise my husband? 

Sometimes it can be hard to think of ways to surprise the man in your life or how to surprise your husband - it is often fun, small and quirky surprises like hiding homemade gifts and doodles in his bag, creating themed meals, or going all out with quirky wrapping paper that can inject a huge amount of fun in to your marriage as well as giving your husband the best surprise he'll never expect! How do you reveal a surprise gift? Read on to find new creative ways to reveal a surprise and more!

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1. A hilarious colouring book for adults 👈🏻 don't forget to include these offensive crayons!

PS there is even a cuter one here! 👈🏻 Personalise a colouring in page with you and your hubby, it's such a cute surprise - gift them some offensive crayons to go with it! It's sure to inject a whole lot of fun in to your marriage, the cutest and funniest surprise gift.

2. Leave a nerf gun or water pistol at the door with a note and hide in the house with your own - when he finds you, you can try to spray/shoot him first!

3. How can I surprise my husband without money? Tie ribbons around everything in his bag - this is a really cute gesture - a friendly prank idea that lets him know you're thinking of him.

4. Create some cute and funny doodles - then pop them in his bag for him to find, maybe even roll them up and secure them with a ribbon for added cuteness. You could create a whole bunch of them or surprise him with one every day to make his day that little bit sweeter.

5. Buy in those edible ink pens - and write a cute message on some edible paper, on his sandwiches - or one of those chocolate art pens to create cute messages in chocolate for him. You could pop them in his lunch, wrapped up in his bag or add a cute chocolate surprise message to his dessert!

6. Put together a themed lunch or meal for him - where everything pertains to a certain colour or theme, for example like Pokemon, Marvel, DC Comics or his favourite franchise. You can get really creative with this and match everything together to create a cohesive and fun and really cute theme! Your husband won't be expecting it at all, which makes it the perfect surprise, and you could even extend the theme to dessert too!


7. Make your favourite dessert from scratch - think of a special dessert or dish you both bond over and then try to make it from scratch, if it goes wrong it will create some hilarious memories for the both of you! He will appreciate the thought and love any cute touches you add - like rainbow sprinkles or paper hearts!

8. Alternatively, surprise him with a takeaway when he gets in! Your treat. 

9. Make cute, themed pancakes - maybe you have a franchise you are both invested in or have something quirky or geeky in common! Make use of the theme and create cute pancake designs for when he comes down in the morning - it will be hilarious if the designs go wrong! This is a great way to create some cute memories and surprise your husband at the same time.

10. Put together a themed meal for you both - along the same lines as the themed lunch surprise, you can get really creative with the theme, there is nothing like a themed surprise! It's reminding each other of the quirky things you have in common. 

11. The design a plate surprise - this is such a good trick! Arrange for your husband to go out and only come back at tea time, when you'll have a meal prepared for both of you. Then get your hands on some plain white plates and some plate decorating pens or paint - even the kinds kids often use to decorate a plate for Grandma. You can create a really cute design - and then be sure to follow the instructions to let the paint or ink set - it is often recommended to pop in the oven for a certain time. Once it is completely dry, you can set about preparing the meal and dish it out on to the newly decorated plate. You could even cleverly cover each section of the plate with a different food - just make sure every bit is covered with food so that it looks like an every day white dinner plate. Wait til your husband starts eating to reveal the cute surprise! You get to keep the memory and relive it every time you use the plate for a meal! It's such a cute surprise idea and you can get really creative with the design and message you choose to give.

12. Buy him a mystery gift from a 'secret admirer' - and watch his reaction as he tries to figure it out! You can pretend to know nothing about it. You could then send him another gift later that reveals the whole thing! 

13. Hijack his playlist - and add some cute and funny songs, or create a new separate playlist of songs that remind you of happy memories of you both together. It's such a cute idea!

14. Photoshop a funny picture together of you both - or one of him! You could even frame it somewhere like the living room and see if he notices, this will sure to have you both in stitches and it's such a cute memento, something to keep forever more. He might even respond by creating his own to surprise you!

15. Buy his favourite ice cream and leave it in the freezer - for him to discover, you could even pop a post it note on top with 'surprise!' written on it. Sure to get you 100k girlfriend points.

16. Invest in a quirky bed sheet - and wait until he climbs in to bed and notices! There are so many quirky designs out there, even Twister boards for an in-bed game of Twister!

17. Change his phone's autocorrect - in a cute way! Pick a phrase he might use often when you text one another - change it to resemble something cute! You can have so much fun with this.

When can surprises go wrong? 

If the surprise is too dramatic or costly, it can have the unintended effect on your recepient, for example, spending a lot on a surprise trip could backfire if you find out they had to work during that certain period. For this reason, it's often the smallest surprises that surprise your husband, partner or recepient the most and make them the happiest, as it is often the thought that counts.

How can I surprise my husband when he comes home from work?

 This can be a good time to surprise your husband or partner as they will be unsuspecting and won't be expecting a surprise as they get home - but often the smallest surprises work best for this scenario. Cater for the fact they may be tired when they get home and surprise them in a gentle way with their favourite ice cream, a themed meal or a takeaway!

How to surprise your husband with a trip? 

A great thing to do is to plan a less exciting event with your husband - or a trip for you where you've persuaded him to tag along - and reveal the mystery in the car - he'll have to guess where by the direction you are taking! A surprise trip reveal poem would be perfect for this too. Just be sure your partner has the time off around that time and cover all bases before you set off and surprise your loved one!

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Sunday, 16 August 2020

How to give a surprise

How to give clues to a surprise, how to give hints about a gift and surprise those around you, how to surprise your husband, how to surprise your wife, best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, the options are endless and treating your loved one to a surprise will magnify the appeal of the gift. Here is how to surprise someone you love!

1. Wrap a gift in unlikely packaging - to cleverly hide what is inside, a great idea for this is a cereal box, packet of crisps - or any 'unexciting' everyday item. You could even 'gift' them a top they have already, wrap the actual gift inside the top and wait for them to realise!

2. Cleverly reveal a gift by hiding clues in romantic places, places that possess a special meaning to you and the recepient, or even hide clues in their desk, on their pillow, places you know they will find them and follow the clues to learn the surprise!

3. Reveal a gift in an unexpected location - leave your surprise gift in an every day location where the recepient might discover it. This is where pretty wrapping can come in, a prettily wrapped gift left in the recepient's drawer, on their pillow or even on the toilet (lid closed down!) will be sure to delight and surprise.

4. Use Picmonkey or photoshop to create a funny image - you could then frame it, or create a photo card, cushion or ornament to keep it always, it's always sure to make you laugh!

5. Frame your gift - speaking of frames, if you are gifting concert tickets, a gift card or something that is isn't too bulky, pop it in a frame and hang it somewhere your loved one will see it and wait for their reaction. The best kind of wall art! 

6. Use post it notes - to hint at what the gift might be/where it might be, or cleverly attach one to your loved ones' coat, so that when they take it off they will realise they are being surprised! If you know your loved one well you could even attach it to the back of their coat or jumper with 'tell me I have a surprise at home waiting for me'. Be sure you don't upset your loved one with this surprise prank, it's a great one to play on friends you know well or your sibling!

7. Write it on balloons - at their party, simply write a letter on each balloon so they have to figure out what it reads.

8. Write it as an anagram - that they have to puzzle out, this is a great way to reveal a surprise trip or surprise vacation, or a surprise pregnancy announcement idea! Just muddle up the letters and ask them to rearrange them to figure out the surprise. You could make it tricky so they don't find out straightaway and keep them guessing for the longest time.

9. Create a riddle they have to solve - this is sure to win you points for creativity! It's a wonderful way to present a surprise gift and create tension as to what the surprise is; you can weave in clues throughout the riddle just to tease them - and even a few red herrings!

10. Turn up when they don't expect you - be sure you know the person well, or they might think you are following or stalking them, which might give the wrong impression! A great way to do this is to turn up in a setting where they don't expect to see you, for example, showing up at their workplace to deliver them lunch! This is such a great cheap surprise idea, for when you want to surprise someone on a budget!

11. A mystery trip or treat - embark on a mystery trip where the recepient doesn't know where you are going! It can be as simple as taking them for a surprise milkshake. For extra points, learn your recepients favourite places and use that for inspiration when planning your surprise.

12. Get your gift professionally gift wrapped - it will look so exciting and luxurious, this is one of the best ways to surprise someone! The whole manner in which you present the gift will be something they never forget, make it look so special that your recepient is compelled to whip out their phone to take multiple photos!

13. Pretend you forgot - it's a classic but a goodie, lament at the fact you wanted to give them a gift but then cleverly producing one at the right moment, to surprise your recepient.

14. Give a gift of new foods to try - order foods from a different culture, or a collection of those you haven't tried before. It's such a cute and quirky gift idea as it means you can (hopefully!) share the foods together and have a nice time together.

15. Ask a stranger to give a gift - ask at a restaurant if they help out with surprise gifts or announcements, there are many that would be only too happy to take your request, to deliver a speech, a birthday cake or surprise your loved one for you.  

When can surprises go wrong? When not to surprise someone? It's so great to surprise someone you love but save the more dramatic surprises for those you love and know well, as you don't want to provoke an adverse reaction in someone you are trying to surprise. Be sure you do not spoil their clothes with paint or ink, in your creative pursuits! Also be aware if your recepient does not enjoy public attention, they might not enjoy a surprise in a public place like a restaurant. Sometimes the most romantic place to surprise someone is at home!

Beware of spending too much on your surprise - it is a risky strategy if your recepient doesn't appreciate the gift as much as you, or if it is, for example, impossible for them to get time off work to attend the trip. The smallest surprises count for a lot, the smallest can brighten someone's day and make them feel incredibly happy!

Also beware of hiding your gift somewhere it might not be safe, in danger of falling somewhere, being thrown away, or being stolen. Be sure to keep your gift safe, especially if it is something valuable, like concert tickets or jewellery. 

You can also give your pets and furry friends a surprise - don't let the smaller members of your family miss out on all the fun! Some how to surprise your pet ideas could be crafting a new toy for them to play with or taking them to a fun new location to have a run around, or offer them a treat! Even just changing around their aurroundings will provide them with lots of fun and entertainment, new places, nooks and crannies to explore.